Virtual Livestock Show “Showing From Home”

— Written By and last updated by Rachel Brown

Livestock Show flyerOpen to youth in North Carolina that have market animals tagged for shows in March-June 2020. We will be working with County Agents and Agriculture Teachers to certify that animals submitted have been tagged for their prospective shows.

  • Market Hogs
  • Market Lambs
  • Market Goats
  • Market Steers

To participate, youth must complete the Google Document and answer questions about their project.

We will have two divisions youth can enter:

  • Market Animals & Written Essay
  • Written Essay (for students who have already sold their Spring projects)

Additional Recognition: 

In addition to the weight classes, youth can also opt to enter additional pictures to earn prizes for the following:

  1. Show Hair, We Care
    1. Best Fitted Animal in each Age Division (Goat, Sheep, Steers): picture of front and rear legs
    2. Best Skin and Hair Care in each Age Division (Pigs): up-close picture of the hide
  2. TikTok: video of you & your animal doing your favorite TikTok
  3. Barn Tour: a fun video tour of your barn (max 2 minutes)
  4. Costume: pictures of you and your animal dressed up from the front, rear, and side

Contest Information

Registration Link

Entry Deadline April 15, 2020

For questions or concerns please contact:

Brent Jennings, 252-339-1767

Rachel Brown